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SCQF Level 11 (77 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
PGBI11084 SS1 Animal Genetic Improvement 10
PGBI11029 SS1 Applicable Mathematics for MSc Drug Discovery and Translational Biology 10
PGBI11094 SS1 Applications of Synthetic Biology 10
PGBI11118 SS1 Automation and Industry 10
PGBI11100 SS1 Biochemistry A 10
PGBI11101 SS1 Biochemistry B 10
PGBI11127 SS1 Biodesign for Sustainability 10
PLSC11007 Biodiversity Field Course Not delivered this year 10
PGBI11044 SS1 Biodiversity of Angiosperms 20
PGBI11057 SS1 Bioinformatics Algorithms 10
PGBI11095 SS1 Bioinformatics Programming and System Management 20
PGBI11129 SS1 Biological Databases 10
PGBI11107 SS1 Biophysical Chemistry for MSc Biochemistry 10
PGBI11068 Chemistry for Drug Discovery Not delivered this year 10
PGBI11049 SS1 Commercial Aspects of Drug Discovery 10
PGBI11115 SS1 Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics 10
PGBI11043 SS1 Conservation and Sustainability 10
BILG11005 SS1 Detailed Characterisation of Drug or Ligand Interactions Using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) 10
PGBI11011 SV1 Dissertation (Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis) 60
PGBI11055 SS1 Dissertation Project in Systems and Synthetic Biology 60
PGBI11088 SS1 Drug Discovery (MSc Level) 10
PGBI11067 Druggable Systems Not delivered this year 10
PGBI11059 SS1 Economics and Innovation in the Biotechnology Industry 10
PLSC11005 SS1 Evolution & Biodiversity of Cryptogams 20
PLSC11002 SS1 Evolution of Plants 10
PGBI11087 SV1 Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics 10
PGBI11040 SS1 Functional Genomic Technologies 10
PGBI11083 SS1 Genetics of Human Complex Traits 10
PGBI11090 SS1 Industry and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology 10
PGBI11051 SS1 Information Processing in Biological Cells 10
PGBI11066 SS1 Intelligent Agriculture 10
PGBI11072 Introduction to Modelling Biological Systems Not delivered this year 10
PGBI11123 SV1 Introduction to Python Programming for Data Science 10
PGBI11039 Introduction to scientific programming for MSc in Drug Discovery & Translational Biology Not delivered this year 10
BICH11007 SS1 Introduction to web site and database design for drug discovery 10
PGBI11086 SV1 Linkage and Association in Genome Analysis 20
PGBI11034 SS1 MSc Dissertation (Bioinformatics) 60
PGBI11102 SS1 MSc Project and Dissertation (Biochemistry) 60
PGBI11096 SS1 MSc Project and Dissertation (Synthetic Biology & Biotechnology) 60
PGBI11071 Measuring Drug Binding Not delivered this year 10
BITE11001 SS1 Metagenomic Analysis of Microbial Communities 10
BITE11002 Metagenomics for Industrial Biotechnology Not delivered this year 10
PGBI11023 SS1 Molecular Modelling and Database Mining 10
BILG11004 SS1 Next Generation Genomics 10
PLSC11003 SS1 Phylogenetics and Population Genetics 20
PLSC11004 SS1 Plant Genome Diversity 10
PGBI11012 SS1 Plant Geography 10
PGBI11124 SS1 Population Genetics 20
PGBI11126 SS1 Population Genomic Analysis 10
BICH11009 SS1 Practical Skills in Biochemistry A 20
PGBI11099 SS1 Practical Skills in Biochemistry B 10
PGBI11089 SS1 Practical Systems Biology 20
PGBI11026 SS1 Preparative Methods for Structural Biology 10
PGBI11113 SS1 Preparative Methods for Structural Biology Laboratory Experience 10
PGBI11103 SS1 Principles of Industrial Biotechnology 10
BICH11005 SS1 Project Proposal and Literature Review for MSc Drug Discovery and Translational Biology 10
PGBI11020 SS1 Project and Dissertation (Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants) 60
PGBI11021 SS1 Protein Structure Determination 10
BICH11008 SV1 Python Programming for the Life Sciences 10
PGBI11038 SS1 Quantitating drug binding 10
PGBI11085 SV1 Quantitative Genetic Models 10
PGBI11125 SS1 Quantitative Genetics 20
PGBI11104 SS1 Research Project Proposal (Biochemistry) 10
PGBI11105 SS1 Research Project Proposal (Biotechnology) 10
PGBI11106 SS1 Research Project Proposal (QGGA) 10
PGBI11027 SS1 Research Project in MSc Drug Discovery and Translational Biology 60
PGBI11065 SS1 Research Project or Industrial Placement (MSc Biotechnology) 60
PGBI11114 SS1 Research Proposal (Bioinformatics) 10
PGBI11003 SV1 Statistics and Data Analysis 20
PGBI11120 Statistics for Computational Biologists Not delivered this year 20
PGBI11070 Structure Determination of Drug Targets Not delivered this year 10
PLSC11006 SS1 Taxonomy & Plant Collections 10
PGBI11116 SS1 The Origins of Synthetic Biology 10
PGBI11128 SS1 Tools for Synthetic Biology 20
PLSC11008 SS1 Tropical Plant Identification Course 10
PGBI11122 SS1 Using R for Data Science 10
PGBI11108 SS1 Vaccines and Molecular Therapies 10
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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