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Environmental Courses

SCQF Level 08 (20 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
ARCA08004 SV1 Archaeology 1A 20
ARCA08005 SV1 Archaeology 1B 20
ARHI08005 Architectural History 1 Not delivered this year 40
ARHI08009 SV1 Architectural History 1A: Introduction to World Architecture 20
ARHI08004 SV1 Architectural History 1B: Revivalism to Modernism 20
EASC08001 SV1 Earth Dynamics 20
GEGR08003 SV1 Economic and Political Geography 20
CHEM08020 SV1 Environmental Chemistry 2 20
EASC08024 SV1 Environmental Geochemistry of the Earth's Surface 20
GEGR08001 Environmental Sensitivity and Change Not delivered this year 20
EASC08023 SV1 Evolution of the Living Earth 20
GEGR08002 SV1 Geomorphology 20
GEGR08007 SV1 Human Geography 20
METE08001 SV1 Meteorology: Atmosphere and Environment 20
METE08002 SV1 Meteorology: Weather and Climate 20
EASC08011 SV1 Natural Hazards 20
EASC08004 SV1 Oceanography 20
EASC08016 SV1 Physics of the Earth 20
ECSC08012 SS1 Principles of Ecology 20
ECSC08003 SV1 Soil, Water and Atmospheric Processes 20

SCQF Level 09 (3 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
ECSC09005 SV1 Environmental Pollution 20
EASC09036 SS1 Field Course in Tropical Marine and Terrestrial Geoscience 20
ECSC09002 SV1 Natural Resource Management 20

SCQF Level 10 (11 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
ENVI10001 SV1 Topics in Global Change 20
GEGR10023 SS1 Catchment Water Resources 20
ECSC10033 SS1 Ecological and Environmental Science field course (including management) 20
EASC10065 SV1 Geophysics Project 40
GEGR10075 SV1 Glacial Processes and Geomorphology 20
EASC10126 SV1 Hydrogeology 2: Simulation of Groundwater Flow and Transport 10
ECSC10014 Land-Atmosphere Interactions Not delivered this year 10
GEGR10108 Landscape Dynamics - techniques and applications Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10142 SV1 Problematising Environment and Society 20
SCIL10024 Sociology of the Environment and Risk Not delivered this year 20
GEGR10139 SV1 Volcanoes, Environment and People 20

SCQF Level 11 (7 courses)

Code Availability Course Name Period Credits
PGGE11178 SS1 Dissertation in Food Security 60
PGGE11182 SS1 Dissertation in Soils and Sustainability 60
PGGE11287 SS1 Global Challenges: Integrating Sustainable Development SLICC (Environment) 20
PGGE11286 SS1 Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Environment 20
PGGE11183 SS1 Soil Protection and Management 20
PGGE11180 SS1 Soil Science Concepts and Application 20
PGGE11187 SS1 Understanding Environment and Development 20
Available to all students - SV
Not available to visiting students - SS
Part-year visiting students only - VV
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